Telehealth or virtual visits are available for patients seeking care from the comfort of their own home.  True Health’s telehealth visits are easy to use.  You will receive a text message/email with a link to take you right into a virtual waiting room.  Your healthcare team will connect with you there and guide you through the visit.  You can connect via a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone as long as you have a camera and microphone.  No need to download an app or any additional programs. 

Telehealth services are available for new and established patients and are available for:

  • Medication Refills 
  • Lab Results 
  • Pain 
  • Migraines & Headaches 
  • Weight Management  
  • PrEP Counseling and Management 
  • HIV Follow-up 
  • Hospital Follow-Ups 
  • Acute Visits (Allergies, Bronchitis, Sinus Infections, Ear Pain, Fever, COVID-19, MonkeyPox, Pink Eye, Urinary Tract Infections and more.) 
  • Chronic Condition Management (Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid, Seizures, etc.) 
  • Preventative Screenings (Referrals for mammogram, colonoscopy, eye exams, DEXA scans, laboratory orders) 
  • Behavioral Health (Depression, Anxiety, Counseling, Medication Management, etc.) 
  • OB/GYN (Birth Control, Prenatal Care) 
  • Podiatry (Medication Refills, Pain) 
  • And more… 

At True Health, our mission is to provide high quality, comprehensive healthcare at a reasonable cost to everyone. To accomplish this, we accept most insurance carriers, including Medicare and Medicaid. No insurance? No problem. Sliding-scale payment options are available based on your family’s income. We believe everyone deserves access to great care regardless of the situation. At True Health, no one is denied the help they need. 

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Service Locations

Telehealth services are offered at the following locations:

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