340B Drug Discount Program

340B Program Overview:

The 340B Drug Pricing Program is a federal program that provides discounts on prescription drugs to eligible community health centers and other safety net providers that serve underserved and low-income patients, like True Health. At True Health, all 5 of our pharmacies are able to offer significant savings to our patients because of the 340B program!

Why it Matters:

Access to discounted medications generates savings that we reinvest into affordable health services and medications for our patients. 340B program funds support our mission of providing high quality, comprehensive healthcare at a reasonable cost to everyone. 

Current Issues:

There is currently a lack of clarity around the 340B statute that has created a crisis for community health centers (and the patients we serve).The 340B program is in need of legislative protection in order to ensure that health centers like True Health can maintain operations and continue to ensure that we meet our patients' needs.

For up-to-date information on 340B issues, and to become an advocate, visit the Health Center Advocacy Network

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