Meet our 2023 True Champions:

Eunice Cruz, Center Manager at True Health – Sanford, was recognized as the 2023 Administrative Champion for her dedication to her staff and the patients of True Health. Eunice’s colleagues admire her for her professional, hard-working, positive, motivating, and passionate nature. 

Marcy Carmona, Clinical Manager at True Health – Hoffner, received the 2023 Clinical Champion because of the special effort she makes for everyone around her. Marcy’s colleagues describe her as someone who embodies true service and goes the extra mile to serve True Health patients every day.

Dr. Aida Behani, Family Medicine Physician at True Health – Southside, was the recipient of the 2023 Provider Champion award due to her dedication to True Health’s patients. Dr. Behani is appreciated for her compassion and patience, as well as her ability to treat each patient individually and meet their needs with care.

Linda Cappadona has served on True Health’s Board of Directors since 2020. Linda received the 2023 Board Champion award for her commitment to advancing True Health’s impact and taking us closer to realizing our vision of healthy communities through life-changing care.

City of Sanford District 2 Commissioner Kerry S. Wiggins Sr. is a distinguished community leader and a staunch advocate for True Health’s growth and initiatives. Commissioner Wiggins received the 2023 Community Champion award for playing a pivotal role in welcoming True Health into the Historic Goldsboro Community, where True Health opened its 9th location in the summer of 2023.

Meet our 2022 True Champions:

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