True Health’s Optometry Department offers affordable vision care focused on the health of the eye.  Our Optometrist performs eye exams and vision tests to check for abnormalities that may or may not be affecting your vision.  Based on your exam, the Optometrist may prescribe glasses and/or soft contact lenses. 

In addition to checking for glasses, the optometrist will evaluate the health of your eyes for diseases such as: 

Early detection and treatment can help minimize permanent vision loss.

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of blindness and reduced vision. We recommend all diabetic patients have yearly eye exams to monitor their eye health.  

True Health’s Optometrist evaluates patients starting at age 4.  Evaluating a child’s vision and eye alignment (eyes look in same direction) at an early age can help with early detection and treatment.  This can help minimize conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye).  Early treatment is important to decrease vision problems and avoid falling behind in school. We recommend ALL children have an eye exam before starting school. 


Optometry Services Include:

True Health’s Optometry Department is currently located at our Lake Underhill location.  

At True Health, our mission is to provide high quality, comprehensive healthcare at a reasonable cost to everyone. To accomplish this, we accept most insurance carriers, including Medicare and Medicaid. No insurance? No problem. Sliding-scale payment options are available based on your family’s income. We believe everyone deserves access to great care regardless of the situation. At True Health, no one is denied the help they need. 

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Optometry services are offered at the following locations:

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