• Patients will remain in our office for approximately 1 ½ hours, which includes 1 hour of monitoring for any potential allergic reactions or side effects.
  • The True Health Infusion Center follows strict infection prevention protocols so you can expect a clean environment for the duration of your stay.
  • The treatment area is equipped with a television to help pass the time and patient blankets for those who may feel cold during the infusion.
  • During your stay, you will receive a discharge bag that includes information on what to expect after the infusion and a pulse oximeter, which you will be trained on how to use and how often to use it.  This will help assist in monitoring your oxygen levels at home after the infusion.
  • The True Health Infusion staff will also follow up with you 24-hours and 48-hours after your infusion to see how you are feeling and answer any questions you may have.
  • The Infusion Center staff will also recommend a 1-week follow-up appointment with your primary care provider.  If your primary care provider is from True Health or if you do not have a primary care provider, the Infusion Center staff will create a telehealth visit for you.

There is no out-of-pocket cost for you to receive the monoclonal antibody infusion treatment.